A few times a year I really hate being based in New York instead of Los Angeles. Last night, when the cast and crew of Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunited onstage at the Paley Festival, was one of those times. Fortunately, has an exhaustive timeline of who said what.

I would’ve been peeing myself at 8:37 p.m., when the cast was talking about filming “The Body,” the episode in which Joyce dies. Obviously, Emma Caulfield ripped my heart out with Anya’s monologue in Willow’s dorm room, but I’ve always thought the scene where Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar, pictured, left) takes Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg, pictured, right) outside her classroom to tell her about Joyce’s death was the most brutal to watch. Trachtenberg said they actually filmed dialogue for that, but that someone who is brilliant (creator Joss Whedon) decided not to use it. As Trachtenberg said, the silence allowed viewers to write the moment themselves, attaching their own real-life experiences (and adding to the waterworks). I also think the silence created a sense of helplessness for the viewers. You wanted to get to Dawn and Buffy to comfort them, but you couldn’t.

What part of the timeline speaks loudest to you? And, if you were there, tell us more. My friend Eva was in the crowd and IM’d me this morning:

  • “SMG [Sarah Michelle Gellar] was so gracious and awesome, mentioning how much she missed the crew and respected the writers. The writing staff attended. They stood up and we all applauded.”
  • “Greenie [exec producer David Greenwalt] looked HOT. His best line: ‘There’s nothing like taking all your pain and misery and, you know, shoving it into very-good-looking people’s mouths.'”
  • And, because she knows I heart both David Boreanaz (not present) and potty humor: “They were asked what they missed about the show, and Seth [Green] (pictured) said, ‘I miss coming in to my trailer in the morning and finding out Boreanaz had already pooped in it. I’d be coming in, and he’d be coming out saying, ‘I left something in there for ya.’ He’s a pooper.”

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