I loved Jericho. I was so adamant about not missing its debut in 2006 that I ripped out an ad for the show and put it on my fridge. Nuclear holocaust!!! Yeah!! That first season was brilliant.

Then along came the initial cancellation threat (that I easily got over), and a bit of excitement upon hearing CBS would give the show another chance (thanks to their offices getting bombarded with nuts.) But I was wary of a seven-episode season, and didn’t have much faith that it would live it up to my high expectations. And my gut feeling was right. The mini-season had a terribly rocky start, only to get good in the fourth episode. By that point, most viewers who were semi-fans had probably given up on the show.

I can’t blame them, and I can’t blame CBS for giving it the ax. The network ”tried” (not very well, I might add) to revive the show, but it simply didn’t work. I guess we can’t complain — we got a bit more story, be it somewhat muddled, and at least we got some closure.

I’m sure the die-hard fans are distraught, but ultimately, I think most of us are relieved. I just hope the resolution on Tuesday (at 10 PM) makes sense, or else I’ll… actually, I won’t do anything.

Jericho: it was great while it lasted, but I’m glad we’re through.

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