Ever have iTunes freeze up right in the middle of an awesome playlist? John Mayer has, too — and since he’s not just a rocker but a blogger, we get to read all about the error report he subsequently filed to Apple. Welcome to the 21st Century, folks.

John’s a pretty funny guy, and I got a few chuckles out of this post — even if I decidedly disapprove of his casual Radiohead-bashing. (Oh, so you “downloaded In Rainbows… listened to it for, like, 2 weeks nonstop and then haven’t played it since”? I’m sure Thom Yorke is still totally spinning Continuum every morning, bro.) But, more to the point, could Mayer maybe think in the future about applying some of this limitless error-report-filing and frivolous-blog-writing energy into, y’know, recording slightly less lame music for my iTunes? Just saying…

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