Here’s how Variety describes Paramount’s plans to bring back the Hunt for All Clear and Present Patriot Game Fears franchise yet again, this time with director Sam Raimi at the helm: “The intention is to generate several films… featuring Ryan at a younger, more formative point in his career than previously depicted. One invention the studio is considering is to set the film in the present, with the action triggered by a global threat.” So, in other words… they want to screen old episodes of 24? Honestly, this sounds like a pretty creatively bankrupt idea to me. I’ve got nothing against those old Jack Ryan movies, but didn’t we learn from the success of the Bourne and Casino Royale movies that people are hungry for a different kind of big-screen action hero? And if Raimi’s interested in redefining the character for today’s audience, why not just start from scratch with a new superspy?

Still, assuming this project does go through, Raimi’s got a more pressing question on his hands. Who’s up to the task of succeeding Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford (pictured), and Ben Affleck as Tom Clancy’s all-American manly man? I’m going to go ahead and nominate one of the Jonas Brothers, who are already breaking into the world of espionage with “a live-action spy comedy” for the Disney Channel, but don’t let that stop you from making less ridiculous suggestions.

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