Wait — he is?! So that wasn’t just an Internet rumor last year, after all. According to the press release that arrived in my inbox this week, OutKast’s elder half is indeed set to take the stage at the Atlanta Ballet next month fora rap ‘n’ dance extravaganza titled big. The release describes its blend of “new & never heard material interwoven with a classical masterpiece such as Verdi’s La Traviata” as a “unique on-stage experience.” I’ll say! But I’ve gotta admit that the (sadly Big Boi-free) dress rehearsal footage linked from big‘s official site looks cool, in a “modern interpretive dance in the key of Speakerboxxx” kinda way. And the guest-vocalist lineup mentioned in that press release is even cooler. Sleepy Brown, Goodie Mob’s Khujo, Big Rube — that’s maybe halfway to a full-on Dungeon Family reunion, always something to be glad about.

I’d still rather Big Boi just put out his long-promised solo debutalready — or, god forbid, the even longer-promised new OutKast CD. But all in all, this definitely sounds preferable to, say, another Who’s Your Caddy? (I actually dragged my poor girlfriend to see that thing in theaters, only to find that it was too thoroughly forgettable to even make a decent “I Saw It, So You Don’t Have To” post. And Lil Wayne’s top-billed role was, like, three seconds long!) Anyone else starting to hope big does well enough to expand to a nationwide run?

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