Just last week, Annie Barrett lamented 50 Cent’s lack of screen time in the teaser trailer for Righteous Kill. How are we supposed to know how the bullet-riddled rapper will stack up next to those no-name co-stars, Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino? Good thing 50 just put out a new viral video (below) that really shows off his talents as an actor. See, Nielsen SoundScan numbers just came out for last week, and The Elephant in the Room, the latest offering from 50’s arch-nemesis du jour Fat Joe, opened with a mediocre 46,000 CDs sold. And that’s left poor 50 torn up, to the point of senseless, uncontrollable tears.

Look, there are few phrases less intimidating than “YouTube dis,” and 50 churns out these viral smackdowns practically by the half-hour. Besides, Fat Joe’s current single is sorta catchy. But I can’t deny that the first minute or so of this clip had me totally LOL’ing. (Things go downhill and NSFW after the 1:20 mark.) Are you as impressed as I was by the actorly skill 50 shows off here? And can anyone figure out why on earth 50 is wearing head-to-toe Harvard University gear throughout this video?!FAT JOE FUNERAL by 50 cent
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