Two weeks ago, Hollywood Insider revealed that R&B crooner Ne-Yo and Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump had recorded a duet called “Finish Your Food” — which Stump said had “one of the craziest concepts for a song I’ve ever heard.” Well, we definitely wanted to hear more about these strange bedfellows, so we caught up with Ne-Yo yesterday to find out more about the Island Def Jam labelmates’ unusual tune, and his description did not disappoint.

“Imagine this,” Ne-Yo told at the Def Jam office. “You live with your girlfriend. You wake up, she makes you breakfast in bed. Puts the tray down, gives you a kiss on the forehead, and she leaves for work. You eat, you eat, you eat. You notice that there’s a letter on the tray, and the letter says, ‘I’m leaving you. Don’t get up, I’m already gone. Finish your food.’ You get up, you run downstairs, all your furniture’s gone. In the kitchen there’s more scrambled eggs. So you’re sitting on the floor in the kitchen, like, ‘What the hell is going on?,’ eating these scrambled eggs still. And then you start feeling funny. Did she poison the eggs? It leaves that question going on in your head at the end of the song.”

Ne-Yo’s hoping the sinister tale makes it onto his in-progress third CD, Year of the Gentleman, which he recently started recording. “I’d like the version with me and [Stump] to go on this album,” he says. “But I’ll be honest with you, it’s been a little bit of a fight with the label. They’re like, ‘Is the world ready for Ne-Yo and Patrick Stump?’ His fanbase is this, and my fanbase is that. We’re trying to figure out if the world is ready for those two [genres] to come together. I personally think that it’s a great idea, but it’s one of the few things that me and Def Jam tussle over.”

A Def Jam rep did not reply to requests for comment. Look for Ne-Yo’s record to drop some time this summer.

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