Details of Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas’ reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210 are emerging, and I’m not sure fans of the original will be happy. (Tough luck; this show’s not for you.) Judging by the casting-search and character breakdowns revealed in this Variety article, it doesn’t look like any of the characters from the original show (pictured) will be back, although there are a brother and sister with the last name Silver, so they could be related to Brian Austin Green’s David Silver from the old show. (The Silver girl is Jewish and media-savvy — she has her own YouTube show — is she the new Andrea?)

The CW series will, like the original, center on a family (named Mills, not Walsh) with two teen siblings, a girl and a guy; only this time, the guy is more like bad-boy Dylan than wholesome Brandon, and he’s also adopted — and probably African-American. In fact, the new show promises to be a little more racially diverse than the old show, though I didn’t spot any Latino or Asian characters. (The show’s still set in California, isn’t it?)

Read the breakdown at Variety, then tell us if you think 90210 2.0 will do justice to the original, improve upon it, or go flat faster than a soda at the Peach Pit.

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