So this week’s Billboard has a positive review of Josh Kelley’s new single, “Unfair,” and I figured it was high time I gave a listen the work of the man who’s married to Katherine Heigl. Oddly enough, when I got to YouTube, I found two videos for the track: A fan-made clip featuring a plaintive, mirror-image golden retriever, and the official version, starring a scarf-wrapped Kelley on his acoustic guitar. The dueling videos prompted the following discussion with my colleague Gary Susman:

Slezak: Okay, is it me, or is the video with the golden retriever better?
Gary: Yeah, Josh’s scarf is bothering me.
Slezak: Absolutely! And why is he wearing headphones?
Gary: Could he be trying any harder to land an iPod ad?
Slezak: Ugh. And the dancing!
Gary: Oh, it’s awful. We should ask readers to rate the two videos: Golden retrievers vs. Josh.
Slezak: YES! Because, actually, it’s actually not a bad song. But the official video makes me like it less.
Gary: And besides, all these Josh Kelley/Jack Johnson types make me think of golden retrievers, thick sweaters, driftwood, and lattes.
Slezak: Totally lattes.

So here’s your challenge, PopWatchers. Check out the YouTube user-made video below, and then the Josh Kelley-approved clip after the jump, and weigh in on which one is better. You know this decision is gonna go to the dogs, don’t you?

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