Just wanted to make sure you saw that your Q&A with Joel McHale is now live. Unfortunately, I couldn’t play 85 questions with the host of The Soup, at least not on a night when he’s got a show to tape. But, I think we managed to get inside his head. (I see Tyra! And Tanisha! And the cast of Big Brothers past!)

Here are a few more answers from Joel. Note to P-Dub Danielle, who asked, “If Sarah Silverman is f***ing Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel is f***ing Ben Affleck, who are you f***ing?” My editor wouldn’t let me print Joel’s full response, but it involved Skeet Ulrich.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: MAJIGAIL would like to know, “Who does Lou [pictured, with McHale] belong to?
McHale: Lou is owned by our executive producer, whose biceps are larger than Lou. I used to not really like Chihuahuas because they were not as cute as rats. But Lou, I have fallen in love with. That dog could be 50 feet away from you, and if you say “Lou, sit,” [he] sits and waits for you to release him. It’s pretty incredible.

Other than Tyra Banks [see the main Q&A], who isn’t a fan of The Soup?
I know Hasselhoff didn’t want to do a bit with us, so he might not be a huge fan. But, like, we made so much fun of Charlie O’Connell [when he was on The Bachelor] and his famous, talented brother Jerry, oddly, is a huge fan of the show.

I’m gonna need to paraphrase this question: STREPSI finds you attractive, but not quite as, let’s say, stimulating as Greg Kinnear. “What can you do to change that?”
You need to get into tall people. And I will try to get a movie career. Maybe that’ll make me more appealing to you.