(FROM SPINNER) ? Sheryl Crow says she is set to sing with Fleetwood Mac, probably some time next year. ”We definitely have plans for collaborating in the future, and we’ll see what happens,” Crow told AOL’s music website The singer, who is friends with Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, would presumably fill in for Christie McVie, who retired from the band in 1998. In the past, Nicks has said she would not continue with the band without McVie. Crow says Nicks has been a major influence in her career. ”I love people that are not jaded or de-sensitized and that are still really into what they’re doing and into growing as an artist, and that’s her,” Crow said. ”She’d walk out and stand at the microphone, and I swear I was looking at a 20-year-old, because she just exudes this kind of sensual love for music.” Crow is currently on tour in support of her most recent album, Detours. (AOL’s Spinner)