15526__office_l caught up with Steve Carell in Las Vegas on Thursday evening, where he introduced footage from his summer comedy Get Smart to the ShoWest convention. It seemed like a perfect time to ask him what’s going on at Dunder Mifflin now that the Hollywood writers strike is over. “We just shot the first episode [since the strike ended],” Carell said. “We finished last night at midnight and I think it’s really, really good.

Michael has a dinner party and it’s just terrible.” He added that the episode (which airs April 10) was written before production shut down. “We

did the table read before the strike and it killed

at the table read. It’s just been sitting there for three months.”

So what impact does Carell think the strike had on The Office — did it affect morale on the set or, perhaps, the show’s story lines in some way? “I

don’t think it affected the story lines, but I think it affected people’s

morale in a good way, in that the writers have come back extremely strong and

energized,” he said. “I think everyone feels that way. Everyone is very

excited to get back to work and there’s a sense of hope and fun.” Carell said he was going to head back to L.A. and start shooting the second of the season’s last six episodes on Friday.

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