Also: sets by X, Santogold, Rogue Wave, and The Little Ones
  • The Brothers Jarman swung their current tour through Austin to play two sets Friday, the first being a 12:45 p.m. slot at La Zona Rosa, where the audience — including frontman Ryan Jarman’s current squeeze, Kate Nash — was more than happy to start drinking early thanks to the debauchery-inducing riffs bouncing off the stage. Shouting into their mikes on ”Our Bovine Public” and ”Men’s Needs,” Ryan and Gary’s thick Yorkshire accents made the lyrics a challenge to parse (and Ryan’s between-songs banter completely unintelligible), but as far as musical cups of coffee go, The Cribs’ spiky, sweaty post-punk got the job done.
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  • X
  • Vampire Weekend kept buzz-seekers happy during the penultimate set of Spin magazine’s day party at Stubb’s, but the real rock junkies stuck around afterward for a fix of X. Those loyalists — among them Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell — were rewarded with a blistering performance from the legendary L.A. art-punk quartet. For the record, co-lead singers John Doe and Exene Cervenka brought just about as much unbridled energy to the stage as they did in their early-’80s heyday, despite (or because of?) the brutal late-afternoon heat. As they prepared to leave, Doe shouted out a few of the day’s other acts, more or less: “Thanks to the Raveonettes. Thanks to Vampire [sic]. See ya later!” Close enough — and who was going to correct him?
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  • Two hypeladies (in matching puffy white blouses and shades) swayed symmetrically on the Stubb’s stage while Diplo spun heavy, hazy riddims behind them. Grooving intently out front, Brooklyn’s Santi “Santogold” White held court over them all. Her debut album may not even be out until next month, but she’s already a queen. Santogold sang, chanted, and hollered, letting filters chop and refract her voice — something like a glitchy avant-rock version of fellow Diplo associate M.I.A. (in an entirely good way). At the set’s end, she stopped jumping around long enough to profusely thank the crowd. She looked exhilarated, a count on which she had plenty of company in the crowd.
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Ohio’s best two-piece thrash-blues outfit dominated the La Zona Rosa stage in support of their upcoming fourth album, Attack and Release (April 5). They opened their final set before dashing to the airport with a cover of Captain Beefheart’s ”Here I Am I Always Am” and a ”10 A.M. Automatic” passionate enough to knock your hangover into next week. The new material — ”I Got Mine,” ”Strange Times” — featured a darker, more modern sound that required Dan Auerbach to at one point abandon his guitar for a keyboard. Not surprisingly, the noise he coaxed out of it was thunderous as ever.
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