After Sarah Jessica Parker and everybody else behind the Sex and the City movie attempted — and largely succeeded — in keeping plot details under wraps during production on the film, fans were glad when the SATC trailer seemed to reveal hints about what will happen when the movie debuts on May 30. “Seemed to” being the operative phrase here, as Parker suggests that the trailer may appear to give away more about the plot than it actually does. “Some things were revealed,” Parker told at the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas on Thursday evening. “It’s very curious to hear how people have interpreted the trailer.”

It’s no surprise that Parker (who, as a producer on the film, is still knee-deep in post-production matters regarding marketing plans and “massive amounts of just perfunctory minutia that would bore you”) was picking her words carefully. The teaser, she said, aimed to tell some of the story without giving away too much, of course. But, she added cryptically, “we also knew that people would make decisions about what that trailer meant and what those words meant and who knows what order we put it in and why. I think in large part we did it because photographs had already [leaked] out and so people were telling us the movie that we were making — which was wonderful, but no one has yet told us actually the story that we’re telling. So it’s all out there in the trailer, but it’s not really the story.”

So does that mean that there were fake-outs in the trailer? Were fans duped? “Um, yeah, there are fake-outs. I mean, not like a bait-and-switch — people aren’t going to come to the theater and feel hoodwinked or taken advantage of. We just had to be careful because it’s a movie with an ending that we wanted to keep protected. So we had to be a little clever and a little stealth with the trailer, but we also had to give people a trailer. It’s not enough to just give you the images and music — I would be perfectly fine with that, but apparently that’s not acceptable!”