The Kills

Midnight Boom

In 2003, this transatlantic duo (Alison ”VV” Mosshart is American; Jamie ”Hotel” Hince, a Brit) came roaring out of the garage, all gear grease, cigarettes, and snarls. Five years on, their octane-edged atmosphere remains: The dozen blues-rock dirges on the Kills’ Midnight Boom build hypnotically from the raw elements of stripped-down percussion, sludgy guitar riffs, and singing-through-a-dirty-gym-sock vocals. And while the band’s deliberate nihilism can come off as a little overdone, Boom‘s nicotine sting — and the pair’s push-me-pull-you chemistry — is still ridiculously sexy. B+
DOWNLOAD THIS: See the video for the Kills’ ”U.R.A. Fever” below

Midnight Boom
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