Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Brotherly Love
Thanks for featuring the Jonas Brothers (”The 3 Mouseketeers”)! ”It’s about time” EW recognized them. Their YouTube videos are hilarious.
Meri Piro
South Salem, N.Y.

Sports Nut
Will Ferrell has played a basketball player, an ice-skater, and a NASCAR driver (”A Man for All Seasons”). What’s next: a hedge clipper?
Sam Chambers
Moundsville, W.Va.

Tainted Memory
In your Spring Movie Preview, you say that The Grand — costarring Grizzly Man director Werner Herzog — has ”gotta be funnier than watching a guy being eaten by a bear.” Since the subject of Grizzly Man and his girlfriend lost their lives, printing this was beyond insensitive.
Jon Leonoudakis
Northridge, Calif.

‘Wulf Pack
Your review of Beowulf calls Robert Zemeckis a ”deluded baby boomer” for believing that students are still reading the poem (DVD). Not only is Seamus Heaney’s beautiful translation on my syllabus, but I had students who went on to select John Gardner’s Grendel for their book club.
Heather Kangas
Oshkosh, Wis.

Personal ‘Jesus’
Thanks for making Nick Lowe’s Jesus of Cool an EW Pick (Music). It was a delicious irony that this tour de force was reissued on the same day Fidel Castro announced he was stepping down. Among the CD’s unforgettable songs is ”Nutted by Reality,” a lyrical twist about castrating Castro. I’m glad you gave one of my musical heroes his due.
Don Ferenci
Annandale, N.J.

The Full Monty
You may think Clay Aiken’s performance in Spamalot is ”tentative,” but I laughed my head off (Stage). His character, Sir Robin, is afraid of his own shadow — of course he’s going to seem tentative!
Dot Mahaffey

‘Word’ to the Wise
Calling The L Word ”soft-core porn” is unfair (Television). Many shows with heterosexual romances use graphic material to win viewers but don’t get labeled as such. Lesbian relationships aren’t just male-fantasy fodder.
Jamie Lewis

We misspelled the last name of The Hills costar Audrina Patridge (Style).