David Hernandez's ''American Idol'' odds -- We decide if the former stripper has what it takes to win the competition

Odds: 12-1
Male stripper, male stripper, male stripper, male stripper. Sorry, alleged male stripper. Now that we’ve got all that titillation out of the way, we can focus on David’s true gift, which has nothing to do with doffing his clothes. The Arizona native, 24, has a rich, soulful, voice and an electrifying stage presence, both of which were on full display when he crooned the Temptations’ ”Papa Was a Rolling Stone.” Plus, the whiff of scandal only makes his performances more riveting. Will someone (ahem, Simon) ask him about his past? Will David suddenly be confused by his surroundings and fling off his shirt? And that, Idol fans, gives David an edge — a quality that this ”most talented group of contestants ever” is sorely lacking.