Crimes of the Heart (2008 - Off-Broadway)

With its robust monologues and twisted black-comic banter, Beth Henley’s 1981 Mississippi-set dramedy, Crimes of the Heart, is an actress’ oasis. And playing the Magrath sisters, unlucky in life and love, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, and Jennifer Dundas — who led this charming revival last summer at Massachusetts’ Williamstown Theatre Festival — are plucky and assured (Dundas is even more heartrending as spinster Lenny). Though Kathleen Turner’s sensitively directed show veers once too often into saccharine Steel Magnolias territory, Henley’s tasty gumbo of a tale hasn’t lost any of its spice. (212-719-1300) B

Crimes of the Heart (2008 - Off-Broadway)
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