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Are you ready to watch Christian Slater and his raised eyebrows once a week? NBC is expected to order an untitled drama series that would star Slater as a suburban dad who, wait for it, discovers that he has a spy alter-ego. The “Bourne Identity meets Jekyll and Hyde” series is from writer-producer Jason Smilovic, whose credits include Bionic Woman, Kidnapped, and Karen Sisco. (So, okay, we’ll watch him once a week, for a few weeks.)

I just checked Slater’s IMDB page, and realized that even though he’s been working (that guest spot on Alias should come in handy) I haven’t actually caught him in anything since 1996’s Broken Arrow. I’m ready to change that. I think Slater’s casting is actually rather inspired: There’s always been something quiet and awkward about him, and yet, he can turn on the crazy. Are you in?

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