Slightly better than Heidi Montag. Light years from Edith Piaf. That’s the generous verdict for the musical talents of Ashley Alexandra Dupré, a.k.a. “Kristen,” the high-priced prostitute linked to disgraced New York governor Eliot Spitzer. The New York Times interviewed and identified Dupré this morning, and the 22-year old’s MySpace page detailed her musical inspirations, her difficult childhood, and links to two throbbing dance tracks — before being severely dismantled this morning. “I am all about my music, and my music is all about me,” she wrote online, and judging from her two singles, “What We Want” and “Move Ya Body,” she’s not lying: “If you want to take me out after the club, you gotta do it right, baby, show me some love,” she sings in the gi-grating “Move Ya Body.” “Sex, money, drugs is what I’m all about. Set the game up so you can see for yourself.” (I assume that the song’s “Moon clap, moon clap” interlude does not refer to some obscure venereal disease, but I can’t be certain.) “What We Want,” references the teenage runaway’s difficult road from growing up at the Jersey Shore to the Emperor’s Club escort service: “Been around, can’t tell me nothing, I see through you, don’t know if I believe you, can’t really trust you or anyone, but me.” There’s no trace of the Aretha Franklin stylings that Dupré claimed to emulate when she first began recording, but these mediocre singles might mercifully disguise more significant vocal shortcomings.

Would you pay 98 cents for either of her songs? (With running times of just over three minutes, that comes to just $18.62 per hour.)

UPDATE: Dupré’s MySpace page, streaming the full version of “What We Want,” is back online.