I may be late to the party, but let it not be said that I’ve missed it entirely: I finally caught a showing of La Vie en Rose last night, and while I honestly give the Oscar-winning flick a “meh,” I was utterly blown away by Marion Cotillard’s stunning transformation from a young Edith Piaf to a frail, older version of the troubled singer. La Vie rightly deserved the Academy Awards it won (one for Best Actress, the other for Best Makeup), despite the fact that so few tuned in for the actual ceremony. IMDB tells me that Cotillard is 32 years old; I still can’t quite believe that the giddy, teenage Piaf and the crumpled, arthritic version were played by the one and the same dame. (Watch EW’s Dave Karger interview the chameleonic Cotillard here and here.)

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