Director Bryan Singer is finally spilling some details, to Empire magazine, regarding the long-whispered-about Superman Returns sequel (Superman Returns Returns?). While Singer grumbles at talk that his 2006 reboot was a failure — if a movie that grosses nearly $400 million is a flop, he suggests, then we’ve set the bar awfully high) — he does acknowledge that many viewers were disappointed that there was so much nostalgia and romance and so little action. He’s not apologizing for that either (it was necessary, he suggests, in order to reestablish the characters after their long absence from the screen), but he does promise that the next installment will have less mush, more rush. “From frame one, it will be unrelenting terror!” he promises. He says he will be directing it, he implies that Brandon Routh will return as the Man of Steel (sorry, all you Superfans who wanted to toss him overboard), and he notes that the script is in development. (No confirmation of the rumor that Transformers‘ Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will be writing it.)

So it sounds like the story is not carved in stone yet. Now’s your chance, PopWatchers, to tell Singer what you’d like to see in Part Deux, who the villain(s) should be, and what other plot contrivances Superman should leap in a single bound.

Superman Returns
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