Rosemary’s Baby may soon get an evil twin. Paramount has partnered with Michael Bay’s production company Platinum Dunes to develop a remake of Roman Polanski’s 1968 classic, about a young woman unwittingly impregnated with the devil’s child. The original, of course, starred Mia Farrow and won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Ruth Gordon. Although Polanski doesn’t have any contractual control over a new version, Paramount has reached out to the director for his blessing, according to a studio insider. (It hasn’t been resolved whether Polanski would retain any official credit on the film, but he will most likely not be creatively involved.) “We certainly come to [the project] with trepidation because of how important [the original] film is,” says Dunes partner Brad Fuller. “But we’re going to see if there’s a great way to tell that story.” To that end, Fuller and co-partner Andrew Form are currently taking pitches from screenwriters around town. Adam Fields (Donnie Darko) is also producing. Fuller doesn’t expect that Bay, currently set to helm Transformers 2 for summer 2009, will direct this Baby.