Mike Myers and (a very pregnant) Jessica Alba made a surprise appearance at ShoWest in Las Vegas on Tuesday night to present clips from their summer comedy The Love Guru. After some cutesy banter in which Myers claimed to be Alba’s baby daddy, the pair introduced four scenes from the film, which appears to be a return to the live-action shtick that Myers perfected before he turned into a jolly green animated ogre several years ago. This time, he stars as a Hollywood guru named Pitka, who plays “More Than Words” and “The Joker” on a sitar (you’ve got to imagine that Myers has always wanted to say “pompatus” in a movie), starts a bar fight, and hosts Alba’s character at a dinner where they eat something resembling testicles. (Also popping up: Stephen Colbert as a hockey announcer and erstwhile “Mini-Me” Verne Troyer.)

The crowd seemed charmed enough by all that, but it was Justin Timberlake’s performance as a Celine Dion-loving Quebecois celebrity that had them in stitches (his corny rendition of “Because You Love Me” could become a classic). If Mike Myers no longer clicks with audiences, Timberlake may just be what saves The Love Guru when it opens on June 20.