In the second of three 3-D presentations that have been scheduled for this week’s ShoWest conference, 10 minutes of footage from the animated summer flick Fly Me to the Moon unspooled for movie industry dignitaries on Wednesday morning in Las Vegas. Produced mostly in Belgium but fully in English (and with a few all-American patriotic touches to boot), the family film looks charming enough — it follows three adorable house flies who hitch a ride on Apollo 11 during the first moon landing in 1969. But the real appeal will be the movie’s 3-D presentation: Even ordinarily mundane things — e.g. shards of glass flying through weightless space or dust being kicked up under Neil Armstrong’s boots — appear remarkably realistic when seen through those plastic 3-D specs. Question is, how important will that cool factor be to kids (the film’s target demographic) when the movie opens on August 22nd?