As I wrote in 2004, when EW named Square Pegs one of the TV shows we were dying to get on DVD, a misfit Sarah Jessica Parker + the comic angst of Freaks and Geeks x the emotional resonance of My So-Called Life ÷ the acerbic absurdity of Popular = it’s time! And finally, it is. The 1982-83 series has been given a May 20 release date. Creator Anne Beatts told us four years ago that she had a few ideas for extras: commentary on ”Muffy’s Bat Mitzvah” (below); a tribute to the show’s innovative use of rock (the Waitresses! Devo! guest star Bill Murray dancing to Billy Idol!), and one very special character update, ”Where is the Guatemalan child now?” Let’s hope she gets her way.

What other TV shows are you still dying to get on DVD?

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