Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's
Credit: Everett Collection

The major studios are hopping aboard the viral video bandwagon, sorta. This week sees the launch of two new services that allow you to watch, embed, and send to friends legally uploaded clips from mainstream movies and TV shows. Paramount is dipping its toes into the water via VooZoo, an application for Facebook users that lets you collect selected very short clips from well-known Paramount movies — from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (pictured) to Beverly Hills Cop to Forrest Gump — or send them like greeting cards to other Facebook users. There are still a few bugs and glitches — the lone clip currently listed from The Godfather is actually a clip of Godfather star Diane Keaton in Play It Again, Sam. (D’oh!) But if they build up the library and catalog it properly, VooZoo might become useful or fun.

The other new app is Hulu, a video aggregating site that launches tomorrow with a big library of clips from current and past NBC Universal and Fox shows, as well as handful of movies and NCAA games. The cool thing about Hulu is that you can stream either entire episodes or selected clips — or make your own clips. Now you can send people edits that feature just the 12 seconds you want instead of several minutes. (I tried it out with last weekend’s “3 a.m. Phone Call” sketch from last weekend’s Saturday Night Live, below.)

What do you think, viral video fans? Will VooZoo or Hulu change the way you view TV and movie clips online? Have you tried either one? Do you think either of these represents the future of online video? Or do the studios have yet to take the plunge into online video in a serious, medium-altering fashion?

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