Credit: Cliff Lipson

8-8:30PM · CBS · Returns Sept. 24

Creator Kari Lizer gives us a double spoiler alert: ”We have a big reveal in the first episode — Meanie Mom Marly [Tricia O’Kelley] shows up to school the first day pregnant. Her marriage was in trouble, so she decides to have a baby. Then Lindsay [Alex Kapp Horner] shows up, also pregnant, because Marly told her their friendship was gonna be in trouble if she didn’t. So the Meanie Moms will be pregnant all season and be absolutely miserable about it.” And that’s not even the show’s biggest twist: ”Christine [Julia Louis-Dreyfus] and Barb [Wanda Sykes] get married. Barb was born in the Bahamas and she’s going to be sent back while they review her citizenship status, so Christine proposes to her. They’ll probably stay married through the whole season.”

The New Adventures of Old Christine
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