Credit: Byron Cohen

8-9PM · NBC · Debuts Sept. 24

CONCEPT You know: The car talks.

THE SCOOP ”All cars can talk now,” says exec producer Gary Scott Thompson. ”We have GPS, it talks to us, we can change the voice from male to female.” For this reboot, Thompson focused on the car’s uniqueness: ”Not every car can drive as fast as KITT. Not every car has nanotechnology. We’ve also transformed characters. Justin [Bruening, playing the son of David Hasselhoff’s old character Michael Knight] doesn’t look the same as he did in [last season’s] two-hour movie. Also, I wanted a base of operation, like the Batcave. Ours is the Satellite Surveillance Chamber.” Joining the cast will be Yancey Arias (Kingpin) ”as our überboss” and Paul Campbell (Battlestar Galactica) as ”our head tech.”

BOTTOM LINE Nanotechnology or no, if Thompson can make KITT’s show purr, we’ll eat kitty litter.