Scott Kannberg, Mark Ibold, and Stephen Malkmus discuss the possibility of playing together again

The Pixies did it. Van Halen did it. Even Led Zeppelin did it (kinda). So, what are the odds of Pavement getting back together? Surprisingly good, actually! Just be patient…

(Guitarist and band cofounder) ”I could definitely see it happening in the not-too-distant future…. The only hurdle might be getting everyone to drop what they’re doing, but I’m sure the excitement of playing again will make it okay.”

(Bassist) ”There have been so many reunion shows I worry that a Pavement reunion now would just be one in a string of others. So maybe five years. I’ve actually dreamt that there was a reunion show and I couldn’t remember the songs.”

”Something small in 10 years like the Zeppelin thing sounds good. Obviously, the arena would be smaller than theirs. My perverse way to do it would be a free show that 20 people were at. It could be great.”