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Mail from our readers

Im-posing Figure
As an America’s Next Top Model watcher, I appreciate Tyra Banks’ combination of poise and compassion.
Anne Martin
La Mesa, Calif.

Just read your Tyra Banks feature, ”America’s Next Top Mogul.” Let’s face it, the real attractions of America’s Next Top Model are Banks herself and the two J’s (Alexander and Manuel). Each one is a study in beauty.
Norma Prigge
Shahola, Penn.

How could my weekly arbiter of all that is cool and hip put Tyra Banks on its cover? The only entertainment she provides is accidental, through the keen eye of The Soup‘s Joel McHale.
Robert Naugle
Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

Despite Tyra Banks’ attempts to be a voice of inspiration for women everywhere, I find the Spice Girls’ cries of ”Girl power!” more genuine. Why would the critics need to ”Kiss [her] fat ass!” as she so eloquently put it on her talk show? She seems way too busy kissing it herself.
C. Singleton
Lakewood, Ohio

Changing Channels
I enjoyed your News & Notes piece about reality TV’s acceptance of gays and lesbians. Yes, times are a-changin’, but I was sad to see that Luke and Noah were the only couple on As the World Turns‘ Valentine’s Day special that didn’t kiss. Perhaps the ATWT producers should watch more reality TV…and let Luke and Noah be a bit more real.
George Hinds
Cambridge, Mass.

Wardrobe Malfunction
Shame on you for revealing the Project Runway finalists’ Fashion Week designs weeks before the finale (News & Notes). Part of the joy in watching is to see the finished products at the end of each episode. Would you spoil the season finale of Lost or Heroes? I certainly hope not. But if you ever get the impulse to do so, at least put a spoiler alert in big letters.
Amma Y. Ghartey-Tagoe
Douglasville, Ga.

Roy Wonder
Thanks for highlighting the late, great Roy Scheider’s oeuvre, especially The Seven-Ups — which boasts a better chase scene than The French Connection‘s — and the tense Sorcerer (DVD). But the actor had a lighthearted side, too, as evidenced by his hilarious cameo teaching kids how to, uh, go number two on Family Guy. He will be missed.
Rob Seide
San Francisco

Striking a Balance
While I respect the writers’ right to strike (”It’s Over!”), I wonder how many other people are like me. After being bored with lame reruns, I simply turned off the idiot box and rediscovered the joys of actually reading books and magazines. I also learned the joys of going to bed earlier and forgoing late-night TV.
Susan R. Orlando
St. Louis