Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ 1986 meta-comic Watchmen tends to inspire fierce loyalty among fans, so the big-screen version coming out one year from today is, let’s just say, a pretty huge deal. Which is why we at EW burst into chorus in the key of OMG! after director Zack Snyder (300) posted the first images of his costumed cast to the movie’s official blog late last night.

When these fresh-faced actors’ names were announced last summer, PopWatch’s Gary Susman was skeptical for mostly visual reasons: “[M]ost of them seem too young to be playing middle-aged (more or less) pariahs who’ve long since been forced into retirement.” So how did they end up looking?

Well, give Snyder’s makeup team some credit: Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks way grizzled as the Comedian (pictured), and Patrick Wilson seems to have been aged considerably under Nite Owl’s armor. Matthew Goode, on the other hand, definitely doesn’t look as old as I’d expect Ozymandias to look. But who cares, really? They all look undeniably cool in costume, and those gloomy, apocalyptic sets do a great job of conveying Watchmen‘s morally conflicted world — so I know I’m psyched to see ’em in action next spring. How about you?