The season 4 winner talks about his competition, saying ''fierce'' on demand, why Victorya was so grumpy on the reunion show, and more

Last night super-fierce 21-year-old Christian Siriano won Project Runway‘s $100K prize. Before he gets to work on his collection for Bryant Park ’09, he checked in with EW about Rami’s critiques, Victoria Beckham’s upcoming meeting, and why he’s really just a mushball.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Christian! Has it sunk in yet?

CHRISTIAN SIRIANO: It’s just amazing. It’s just so wonderful. Nothing can take this away. I’ll have this for the rest of my life.

When you started the show months back, who did you think would be your toughest competition?

Off the bat I knew Jillian and Rami were my biggest competition ever. I think other designers were really talented. Victorya was strong. Kit was strong. Chris had some great ideas. I definitely think the right people were the finalists.

Since you brought up Victorya, I have to ask: Why was she so sour at the cast reunion?

Victorya is the sweetest person in the world. I talk to her every day. She’s a very smart woman. She used to be a journalist. Her thing is, she doesn’t want to be a TV character. She wants to be a successful designer. And sometimes Runway is a show. And sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do. She didn’t want to do those things. She was eliminated. She was showing her own collection. It had been a very long time since we filmed the show. Everyone on that reunion wasn’t in a good mood. Everyone was tired. They were over it.

What do you think about how you were portrayed?

I have no regrets. In a way they showed a lot of my diva commentary. But I said nothing the judges didn’t say, and nothing I regret. Everything on that show is about being a diva. I loved it. And hey, I won fan favorite. I was just hoping people didn’t hate me. I’m a soft, emotional guy, generally. I just like to be funny.

When people see you on the street do they love you or hate you?

I’ve never had one negative comment. That’s so great. I was kind of scared. People ate it all up.

Do you get a lot of ”Say fierce!”

Oh yeah. ”Christian! Is it fierce?” I’m like, ”It’s fierce, ladies.” All day long.

Did you get a congratulations note from the high school girl you made a prom dress for?

Oh no, no, no. I have not heard from her. I don’t plan on it. I hope she’s thinking she should have been a little more cooperative. My other model during the weight-loss week, we e-mail every week. And actually, at the auction for those outfits a friend of hers bought her the outfit from that show.

When you were crying at the end, what was going through your head?

I was really nervous. Really tired. Really emotional. I was just so grateful — and Victoria Beckham loved my work!

NEXT PAGE: ”Rami has had a business for years and years and has dressed celebrities. That’s why he really didn’t need to win.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you talk to Tim after you won?

CHRISTIAN SIRIANO:He’s amazing. He said it was well deserved and I’m the right person. He gave me great comments.

Let’s talk about your Bryant Park collection. Michael Kors criticized how much black you used. Do you wish you’d incorporated more color?

I think it’s funny Michael said that. If you’ve ever seen a Michael Kors show, there’s so much black you don’t know what to do. Black is something every designer uses. I understand I did use a lot of black. My thing was, if any of my jackets were in another color they wouldn’t make sense because they were huge and flouncy and ruffled. That’s why some of Rami’s pieces didn’t work. He had these jackets in teal. Wise up! Not every woman can wear teal.

Rami criticized your collection, saying your clothes aren’t wearable. What did you think of that?

It was interesting because my clothes are wearable. My jackets and pants are very wearable. My dresses at the end are not wearable, but neither are his. Moss green in an evening gown isn’t wearable on everyone. It depends on the customer. My pants are so women-friendly. You are so skinny in my pants.

Give me the Posh Spice update. Is she going to wear your clothes?

Victoria has been amazing. I’ll see her next week. We’ll see how it goes. I made her a couple of pieces.

I heard Heidi Klum has already talked to Rami about some pieces she wants. Are you jealous?

She loves Rami’s clothes, which is wonderful. They’re very her. She’s asked for a couple of things from me too.

Who else do you want to design for?

Cate Blanchett. Sarah Jessica Parker. I wish we could have dressed her on the show and not done that $10 challenge. Yuck. Rami has had a business for years and years and has dressed celebrities. That’s why he really didn’t need to win. I haven’t done that. I’m willing to dress anyone.

So what now? Did you cash your check yet?

When I get the check I’m definitely investing it. I’m going to show next season and really work on my collection for next season. It will be mine and sellable. And I’ll buy a bed.

Anything else you’ll treat yourself with?

Some shoes. A fabulous new computer. Little things. Nothing too crazy. I’m going to have some fabulous nights out with champagne.

Have you gotten offers to join another design house?

I’ve gotten hints here and there. But I’m going to go off on my own. I want to have my own line and collection. I don’t really want to contribute to someone else’s line. My name is out there right now. I’m creative and innovative. I should capitalize on it.

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