Robert Ryan, Charles Bronson, ...

On this week’s October Road — yes, I’m still watching; no Geoff Stults hasn’t danced shirtless in my office yet — Physical Phil got mad at Pizza Girl when they were screening The Dirty Dozen (featuring Robert Ryan and Charles Bronson, pictured) and she didn’t ask him to press pause when she left the room to get more salsa. To Phil, her not asking for “pause-press” meant that she didn’t get the movie, doesn’t value what’s important to him, and may not care when he tells her that the girl he liked when he was 10 years old just died. While that last part is somewhat of a leap, I’m guessing we can all relate to points No. 1 and 2. Which got me wondering: What are your friendship or relationship deal breakers when it comes to pop culture?

Maybe there’s a TV show, movie, album, or book that you need someone to “get” if you’re going to be close to him or her. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer anyone? I actually have friends who haven’t seen it yet, but none who haven’t seen it and dare to dismiss it as a teen show.) Or, maybe your deal breaker is something more philosophical, like the “pause-press” issue. l, for instance, know that the man I marry will need to want a cable package comparable to or better than my current one. He’ll also agree to give any show or movie a try if it really means that much to me. Because it does.

Your turn.