(FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES) ? Spoiler alert: In the new edition of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comicbook series, released this week, Buffy Summers hops into bed with fellow vampire slayer Satsu — who just happens to be a woman. In issue No. 12, written by Drew Goddard, the screenwriter of Cloverfield, Buffy and Satsu are in bed, naked under the sheets. ”It puts Buffy in an ‘Oh my God, what did I just do?’ moment,” describes the comic’s executive producer Joss Whedon, creator of the 1992 Buffy film and 1997 TV show. Whedon warns against reading too much into the tryst. ”We’re not going to make her gay, nor are we going to take the next 50 issues explaining that she’s not,” he told the Times. ”She’s young and experimenting, and did I mention open-minded?” (The New York Times)