Subpar vocals, bad fashion choices... The season 4 vet hopes the ladies who make it to the top 12 tonight step up their game
Nadia Turner, American Idol

‘Idol’: Nadia Turner on ladies night

You’re in the Coca-Cola room. All eight ladies are scattered in various areas, some attempting to fit in a small vocal warm-up, stretching, waving to family and friends in the audience, getting pep talks, or laughing with the staff. Some of us just sit in silence meditating on our upcoming performance. Some of us find ourselves remembering the friend who was eliminated the previous week. Our nerves are off the charts. ”If I don’t have the lyrics tonight, I will never have them.” Our vocal coach, Debra Byrd, comes in, gathers up her wandering sheep, and we sing a song she made up called ”It’s Ladies Night on American Idol.” It’s pretty catchy! This is Byrd’s way of shaking out the nerves and sneaking in a vocal warm-up at the same time. :) Nigel Lythgoe tornadoes in with words of vigor. It was this segment of the competition that I enjoyed the most. ”IT’S LADIES NIGHT ON AMERICAN IDOL.”

However, after watching ladies night last night, I realized that this year’ s AI is truly the guys’ competition. There is absolutely no comparison between the guys and the girls when it comes to personality, performance, and fashion. Ladies, I?m all for female support, but can we say ”BORING!”? One contestant?s pants had more personality than her (see below), and, by the way, the pants did not have a ”good” personality. Let me break it down.

Asia’h Epperson‘s grandma pants caught my attention more than her song. The girl has a great shape, but those pants did her no justice. ”I Want to Dance With Somebody” sounded as if it was exhausting her. If that was exhausting her, I wonder what physically dancing with somebody would do, LOL! Paula said she nailed it. Not so much. Her spunkiness is adorable, but this really wasn’t her best night.

Kady Malloy looked very pretty last night. Unfortunately she was flat a lot. I enjoyed her emotion, but I wasn’t too crazy about the song. Thus far, her performance was forgettable. Even now, I find myself trying to remember exactly what she performed. That can’t be a good sign!

Her camera angles were everywhere, so I found myself a tad dizzy, but even still, Amanda Overmyer — I dig it. She’s raw and a real ball-buster! Her stage presence was fantastic. She nailed the vocal. Based on her cool demeanor, I wonder what’s going on behind the scenes. It can be brutal, but you got to keep your head up!

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A shaky beginning for Carly Smithson, yet seconds later she’s building and building BIG. I was not only drawn in by her, but also by that absolutely superb vocal. She?s a keeper! She was my highlight of my evening. It also helps that she has killer tats to go with that voice. You can’t help but like her. She should have received much more praise than she got from the judges. You just heard the best vocal of the night! Give the girl some more love!

”Faithfully” by Journey is a very familiar song to viewers, but for Kristy Lee Cook, it?s lost in the tide. Ummmm…her top was lovely.

At this point, the night was turning out to be quite a drag. Did someone shoot these ladies with a tranquilizer gun? Not only was I disappointed with the performances, but I was also bummed on the wardrobe. I kept hoping to see better performances after the commercial break… :(

Last time I heard ”Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now),” Scott Savol sang it, and boy did he sing it! There was no life in Ramiele Malubay. I realize that this is a popular song, but she was better off picking an obscure song and really getting the opportunity to knock it out. What was up with grandma’s gray sweater?! The ensemble under the sweater was bright and colorful and clearly ’80s. Take it off! And what is up with all of Paula’s rambling? We could have gone to a commercial break and been back already!

Somebody wants to keep Brooke White on the show. :) Special lighting again! Can’t hate on her — she is trying to secure her spot in Top 12. Close-ups galore, smoldering eyes — that’s for you viewers at home. I enjoyed her acoustic rendition of ”Love Is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar.

It is evident that Syesha Mercado is a voice to be reckoned with. With a voice like that, I was hoping to see more. Her performance was effortless, but typical. She will have no problem making it into the Top 12. Her smile is contagious.

There isn’t much to say but sheer disappointment with this evening’s performances. The guys were by far more exciting. C’mon, ladies! I had to run some laps and re-energize after tonight. The outstanding performances of the evening were Carly and Amanda. Despite tonight?s train wreck, I feel pretty confident that whichever ladies are chosen to go into Top 12 are going to SHUT IT DOWN next week! Tomorrow’s a big night!

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