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I’ve been taping the morning Angel repeats on TNT, because even though I loved Buffy, I somehow didn’t tune into Angel until Season 3, when I happened to be at a friend’s apartment when she was watching the episode in which a certain vampire staked herself to give birth to a certain baby. (I vagued that up for spoiler-phobes.) I kept with the show through the killer fourth season (The Beast! Jasmine!), but for some reason, never made it into Season 5. I don’t know why. I’m clearly enjoying it now, since I was an hour late to work yesterday because I had to watch the freshly-DVR’d “Life of the Party” episode. I knew I wouldn’t have time to watch it last night after work, so I had to watch it before I went in. Right? Before you answer, remember that this is the episode where Wolfram & Hart throws a Halloween party and everyone ends up doing what Lorne tells them to do: Fred and Wesley act drunk (so well), Gunn “marks his territory,” Spike thinks positively, and Eve and Angel (Sarah Thompson and David Boreanaz, pictured) “get a room.”

But back to my question: Does your DVR ever make you late for work? When was the last time, or, if you’re a frequent offender, what’s your best story? I’m sure your boss isn’t reading this. (And if mine is, the fact that I turned my experience into this blog item technically means that I was “working from home” yesterday morning, no?)

P.S.: TNT’s weekday morning Angel repeats cycle back to Season 1 on March 18, with the episode titled “City Of,” should you want to join me in watching from the beginning.

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