Led Zeppelin did it. Van Halen did it. Hell, even the Pixies did it. So what, you may be wondering, are the chances of Pavement getting back together for a reunion tour? Despite reports to the contrary, surprisingly good, actually — though it depends on how you define “tour.” The band’s leader, Stephen Malkmus, tells Entertainment Weekly in this week’s issue, “Something small in 10 years like the Zeppelin thing sounds good to me,” referring to the one-night-only London show the aging Hammers of the Gods put on in December. “Obviously, the arena would be smaller than theirs, though.”

Pavement’s happy-go-lucky bassist, Mark Ibold, currently busy touring with Sonic Youth in Australia, tells EW that he’d be on board, too. “Why not next month?” he jokes. “No, it needs to be carefully planned.” When asked if he saw any obstacles standing in the way, Ibold replied, “Learning the songs again. I’ve actually dreamt that there was a reunion show and I couldn’t remember the songs.”

Scott Kannberg, a.k.a. guitarist “Spiral Stairs,” who co-founded the band with Malkmus in 1989 and now lives in Seattle and fronts his own post-Pavement band, Preston School of Industry, comes closest to pin-pointing an exact date — perhaps tied to the 20th anniversary of the band’s label, Matador Records, in 2009. “Matador is having a 20th anniversary party soon, so maybe we’ll try to do something for that. [When contacted, Matador had no response.] The only hurdle might be getting everyone to drop what they’re doing, but I’m sure the excitement of playing again will make it okay.”

Man, why couldn’t they agree this much when Pavement was still together? —Chris Nashawaty

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