A sneak peek -- for your eyes only, of course -- at the top-secret cover of 007's latest print adventure, ''Devil May Care''

Last July, Ian Fleming’s estate went looking for someone to write a new James Bond novel in honor of the late author’s 100th birthday this year. They found Sebastian Faulks, the English author perhaps best known for the novel Charlotte Gray, which was eventually made into a Cate Blanchett movie in 2001. Faulks’ mission was to pick up the 007 tale back where Fleming had left it in his last Bond book, Octopussy and the Living Daylights, which was published posthumously in 1966. ”The idea,” Faulks told EW.com last summer, when the deal was announced, ”was that it should read as though Fleming had written it.”

Now, Faulks’ Bond novel, titled Devil May Care and credited to ”Sebastian Faulks writing as Ian Fleming,” is ready for worldwide release on May 28 — the day on which Fleming would have turned 100. Plot details are under embargo, but EW.com has this exclusive sneak peek of the jacket art. Take a look. The shadowy, well-coiffed, and tuxedo-ed James Bond figure on the spine seems to indicate Bond fans could be in for an old-school treat.