Technology that requires sitting, that is. I don’t think the Archive of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine‘s study accounted for Wii Tennis, now did it, Archive of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine? According to the study, cutting kids’ TV and computer time in half made them eat less and therefore lose weight. One of the authors said, “”Viewing cartoons with embedded food commercials can increase choice ofthe advertised item in preschoolers, and television commercials mayprompt eating.” And so, clearly, could The Colbert Report from May 1, 2007 (pictured, don’t ask). How is this study for real? Like everything I look at every day doesn’t already make me want to shovel in a snack cake. As if! Seriously, though… is there anything on TV or the Internet that does not warrant the tag “may prompt eating”? Your suggestions, below.

*This blog post may prompt eating.