American Federation of Television and Radio Artists president Roberta Reardon sent a letter to Screen Actors Guild prez Alan Rosenberg on Monday saying that SAG needs to decide by March 10 whether it will jointly negotiate its contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers with AFTRA. As previously mentioned, the two actors’ entities have a 27-year-old agreement to negotiate their TV and film contracts together as a leveraging tactic. But yesterday, a source close to the situation confirmed that a start date for talks hasn’t been set yet and said that part of the problem has to do with whether SAG and AFTRA will continue to negotiate jointly. “SAG has obstacles on the table,” the source said.

SAG has two major considerations to ponder: 1) if SAG decides on a divorce, AFTRA will likely begin negotiations on its own as soon as possible, which could deflate SAG’s proposals. 2) SAG brought up a separation in the first place, because it didn’t want to split the negotiating committee with AFTRA 50/50, so backing down now may send a mixed message to its members about its hard-line negotiating tactics.

Stay tuned for SAG’s decision…