Given that today could be the last primary day before the Democratic presidential nomination is decided, we thought we’d ask. There’s a tiresomely lengthy list of popular figures who’ve recently endorsed their preferred candidate — but perhaps the strangest is Jack Nicholson’s viral campaign video for Hillary Clinton, in which some of the actor’s most delinquent characters are made to seem pro-Clinton by uttering classic, politically relevant lines like “Hubba hubba hubba, money money money”:

Yeah. It’s weird. Jack explains his sudden willingness to come out of media hiding in an interview posted this morning, and here’s a Q&A with the two guys behind the video, screenwriter/director John Krokidas and producer Bruce Cohen.

At this point, if you’re a person who uses technology, you really can’t escape the steady stream of celebrity punditry. All of it is arguably unnecessary, but do you find it useless? Compelling? Mildly fun? Or TOTALLY AGGRO?

(Oh, and to make this item fair and balanced, behold a Hillary video set to one of my fave songs, ELO’s “Evil Woman.” Probably could’ve thrown in something pro-Obama instead, huh? Okay, here you go: Obama For America Runs on Dunkin’.)