He is soooooo the Antonella of season 7 … but way better. American Idol contestant David Hernandez, who’s slated to perform with the rest of the Top 8 Guys tonight, reportedly used to shed his typically very well-matched clothes at Dick’s Cabaret, a “mostly male” strip club in Phoenix.

The news is fairly easy to believe. As Michael Slezak, who is kind of into Idol, just noted via e-mail, “He does move really well up there on the stage.” Actually, I remember thinking during his Top 12 Guys performance of “The Midnight Hour” that he wasn’t moving enough, and had instead decided to plant his feet in place as if setting some kind of three-minute pick. (Basketball reference on PopWatch!) It was almost as if he was on someone’s lap! Now I understand.

Former strippers are on a serious roll in Hollywood, so I say let’s give this one a chance, if only for the hot moves David could whip out until Idol gives him the boot. What do you think?

UPDATE: According to the Associated Press, Hernandez will remain on the show despite his past. He’ll perform tonight as planned. (Of course, it’s been taped already!)

addCredit(“David Hernandez: Noel Vasquez/Getty Image”)