Marion Cotillard
Credit: Michael Caulfield/WireImage

Guess the Oscar victory curse is starting early for Marion Cotillard, who is already facing backlash and demands that she return her statuette — not for anything she’s done on screen, but for unearthed comments from an old interview in which she suggested that the World Trade Center collapse was engineered by its owners and was not the work of terrorists, and that the 1969 moon landing never happened. It doesn’t look like the controversy is going away anytime soon, since Cotillard (via her agent) is refusing to apologize and notes that there are plenty of other places besides America where she can find film work. (Shades of Spinal Tap’s manager insisting that the cancellation of a Boston gig is no big deal because “it’s not a big college town.”)

Now, as someone who was in New York on 9/11, yeah, I do find such comments offensive, but I’m satisfied to chalk them up to stupidity rather than malice. Won’t stop me from going to see Cotillard’s next movie. If every star who spouted 9/11 conspiracy theories were drummed out of showbiz, Charlie Sheen would be out of a job. So would Rosie O’Donnell. (Oh, wait…) And if everyone in Hollywood who ever did or said something that was stupid or offensive (to someone) were forced out of work, the only performer left standing would be Elle Fanning. Celebrities have the right to shoot their mouths off, and so do you. Have at it.

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