Bob Marley
Credit: Chris Walter/WireImage

I’m glad there’s going to be a Bob Marley biopic, though I’m ambivalent about his widow, Rita Marley, being so closely involved. Not because she’ll present a sanitized portrait of her late husband; she seems committed to a warts-and-all portrayal. Rather, I’m worried about her casting choices. She thinks she should be played by daughter-in-law Lauryn Hill; as impressive as the Fugees singer was in Sister Act 2, I’m not sure she’s, um, present enough to take on this weighty role. Rita also thinks her grandson Stefan should play the teenage Bob, though the boy has apparently never been in a movie before. At least she hasn’t yet suggested an actor to play the adult Bob. My pick would be Don Cheadle, but I’m open to suggestions, whether or not Mrs. Marley is too.

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