Varsity Blues
Credit: Everett Collection

This weekend, I was walking behind two men who were discussing Varsity Blues, one of their favorite “college movies.” I thought about correcting them, but didn’t, because (A) I knew I wouldn’t stop at telling them that it’s actually set in high school. I’d also have to share how, when I saw the film on opening weekend, the entire row I was sitting with said the “I don’t want your life” line along with James Van Der Beek. And (B) These gentlemen appeared to appreciate the film mostly for the whipped cream scene, and quickly launched into a conversation about their preferred cup size.

But back to the question at hand: Have you ever been tempted to correct a factual error you overheard a stranger make in a pop-culture conversation? And if you did, how was your input received? I’ve piped up when I’ve heard people struggling to name a song or movie or TV show. That’s just being helpful. But I’ve never had the cojones to correct them on something they think they know.

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