Blogs are buzzing today that love-to-hate-’em blondies Heidi Montag and Britney Spears have collaborated on a new track called “Dramatic.” (Seriously, could that be any more of a perfect title or what?).

But before you flip — like most of us EW folk did when we heard the news — it has been rumored that Brit Brit didn’t give her OK on the song’s release, and that she hadn’t even known about it until the song leaked. (Apparently Heidi’s vocals were dubbed onto an old Britney track.)

So I ask you, P-Dubs, now that you know the (supposed) truth behind the rumor, please tell us:

Is “Dramatic” a…

A. Song that should be played on the radio
B. Desperate cry for help
C. Collaboration you’d like to see more of
D. Candidate for a new Hills theme song
E. Other

Vote now!

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