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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Anne Heche is replacing Jennifer Jason Leigh opposite Ashton Kutcher in the indie comedy Spread. Kutcher and Heche will “mix it up in the tale of a womanizer and the lover hescorns.” I’ve got a couple of thoughts:

(1) Which couple is odder: Kutcher and Leigh, who dropped out of the project, or Kutcher and Heche? I like that he’s steering clear of the Tara Reids and Brittany Murphys — and think he held up OK opposite Amanda Peet in A Lot Like Love and should do fine with Cameron Diaz in this May’s What Happens in Vegas — but is Heche (or Leigh) someone you’d picture him acting opposite?

(2) If not, is Kutcher really a leading man? I just had a conversation with a colleague who used the word genius to describe Kutcher’s talent as a producer (Punk’d, Beauty and the Geek). She thinks he should work more behind the camera for TV and focus on features that cast him as one of the boys instead of half a couple.

What would your plan for Kutcher be?

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