A contestant on the lie-detector reality show has split with her husband of two years, according to a newspaper report, after revealing on air that she cheated on him and was still in love with an ex-boyfriend on their wedding day
Mark Walberg

(FROM THE NEW YORK POST) ? A contestant on Monday’s episode of the reality show Moment of Truth told the New York Post that she and her husband have separated over the ”truths” that were revealed on the air. Lauren Cleri, 26, tells the newspaper that she and husband Frank Cleri, 24, a New York police officer, are ”kind of up in the air right now — I want to [get back together], but I don’t think he does.” Moment of Truth has contestants take a lie-detector test backstage and then go on camera and be asked the same questions, receiving cash prizes for truthful answers. On the show, Cleri revealed before her parents, siblings, and husband that she had slept with another man while married to Frank, that she was still in love with an ex on her wedding day, and that she really thinks she should be married to a former boyfriend. An actual former boyfriend appeared on the show to ask that last question. In an ironic twist, the Cleris wound up leaving with no prize money because, despite the polygraph finding answers to those difficult questions to be ”true,” when she was asked whether she thinks she is a good person, Cleri said yes and the machine said the answer was ”false.” Frank Cleri told the Post he was aware of his wife’s cheating but not prepared for the turmoil surrounding the show, which was taped two weeks prior to airing this week. Lauren Cleri insisted, the Post reports, that she did not agree to go on the show just to end her marriage. (New York Post)