Gnarls Barkley

It may not make you “Crazy,” but the latest Gnarls Barkley video, from the Atlanta duo’s upcoming second CD The Odd Couple (due April 8), might just cause seizures. Not because of the song — €”though it’s definitely danceable — €”but because of the dizzying array of fractals on the retro Dance Party USA-style set. (Gnarls’ Danger Mouse talked to’s Margeaux Watson here about the making of the clip, in which Justin Timberlake, pectured below left, has a cameo as the dance show host.) In fact, MTV UK has reportedly held off on airing the video until they can prove it doesn’t trigger those who are susceptible to go into convulsions. Judge for yourself, here:

So, what do you think readers? Does it make you want to dance, or maybe just get dizzy and throw up a tiny bit?